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Savage Mystara

Savaged Mystara

Hi! I’m in the process of moving stuff from my tiddlywiki notes to here, a Sanity-blasting attempt that I’m beginning to see is futile.

In the meantime, more details on character creation guidelines and some campaign background can be found here: Savage Mystara

Mystara was the default campaign setting for the D&D BXCMI (Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, and Immortals) boxed sets.



Expect this area to fill out more as the heroes learn more about Mystara.

The Known World

The Known World of Mystara features cultures and a level of technological development that resemble the real world’s 15th century Europe. While the Known World does not have gunpowder or the printing press, they’re similar in many other ways.

Late feudalism is the most common form of government, and many nations in the Known World follow this pattern of government. Other nations follow differing patterns, however, and some are population entirely by demihumans and humanoids.

Other Areas of Note

The Hollow World

The Hollow World is a mysterious, gigantic subterranean world that the heroes may discover and explore later.

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