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Edges unavailable to Novice characters are grayed out.

Summary of Edges
Edge Requirements Effects
Background Edges1
Alertness Novice +2 Notice
Ambidextrous Novice, Agi d8 Ignore -2 penalty for using off-hand
Arcane Background: Magic Novice Allows access to Mage-type powers
Arcane Background: Miracles Novice Allows access to Cleric-type powers
Arcane Resistance Novice, Spirit d8 Armor 2 vs. magic, +2 to resist magic effects
Improved Arcane Resistance Novice, Arcane Resistance Armor 4 vs. magic, +4 to resist magic effects
Attractive Novice, Vigor d6 Charisma +2
Very Attractive Novice, Attractive Charisma +4
Berserk Novice Smarts roll or go Berserk after being wounded; +2 Fighting and Strength rolls, -2 Parry, +2 Toughness; Roll of 1 on Fighting die hits random adjacent target
Brawny Novice, Str d6, Vigor d6 Toughness +1; load limit is 8xStr instead of 5xStr
Fast Healer Novice, Vigor d8 +2 to natural healing rolls
Luck Novice +1 benny per session
Great Luck Novice, Luck +2 bennies per session
Noble Novice Rich; +2 Charisma; Character is noble born with status and wealth
Quick Novice Discard draw of 5 or less for new card
Rich Novice 3x starting funds, $75K annual salary
Filthy Rich Novice, Noble or Rich 5x starting funds, $250K annual salary
Combat Edges
Block Seasoned, Fighting d8 Parry +1
Improved Block Veteran, Block Parry +2
Combat Reflexes Seasoned +2 to recover from being Shaken
Dodge Seasoned, Agi d8 -1 to be hit with ranged attacks
Improved Dodge Veteran, Dodge -2 to be hit with ranged attacks
First Strike Novice, Agi d8 May attack one foe who move adjacent
Improved First Strike Heroic, First Strike May attack every foe who moves adjacent
Fleet Footed Novice, Agi d6 d10 running die instead of d6
Florentine Novice, Agi d8, Fighting d8 +1 vs. foes with single weapon and no shield, ignore 1 point of gang up bonus
Frenzy Seasoned, Fighting d10 1 extra Fighting attack at -2
Improved Frenzy Veteran, Frenzy As above but no penalty
Giant Killer Veteran +4 damage when attacking large creatures
Hard to Kill Novice, Wild Card, Spirit d8 Ignore wound penalties for Vigor rolls made on the Knockout or Injury tables
Harder to Kill Veteran, Hard to Kill 50% chance of surviving “death” by some means
Level Headed Seasoned, Smarts d8 Act on best of two cards in combat
Improved Level Headed Seasoned, Level Headed Act on best of three cards in combat
Marksman Seasoned Character gets the Aim maneuver (+2 Shooting) if he does not move
Nerves of Steel Novice, Wild Card, Vigor d8 Ignore 1 point of wound penalties
Improved Nerves of Steel Novice, Nerves of Steel Ignore 2 points of wound penalties
No Mercy Seasoned Spend a benny to reroll damage; 1 benny/target for area effect attacks
Quick Draw Novice, Agility d8 May automatically draw weapon as a free action
Rock and Roll! Seasoned, Shooting d8+ Ignore recoil penalty for full auto weapons if he doesn’t move
Steady Hands Novice, Agility d8 Ignore unstable platform penalty for mounts or vehicles
Sweep Novice, Strength d8, Fighting d8 Attack all adjacent foes at -2
Improved Sweep Veteran, Sweep As above but with no penalty
Trademark Weapon Novice, Fighting or Shooting d10 +1 Fighting or Shooting with one particular weapon
Improved Trademark Weapon Veteran, Trademark Weapon +2 Fighting or Shooting with one particular weapon
Two Fisted Novice, Agility d8 May attack with a weapon in each hand without multi-action penalty
Leadership Edges
Command Novice, Smarts d6 +1 to troops recovering from being Shaken within 5”
Fervor Veteran, Spirit d8, Command +1 melee damage to troops in command
Hold the Line! Seasoned, Smarts d8, Command Troops have +1 Toughness
Inspire Seasoned, Command +1 to Spirit rolls of all troops in command
Natural Leader Novice, Spirit d8, Command Leader may give bennies to troops in command
Power Edges
New Power Novice, Arcane Background Character gains one new power
Power Points Novice, Arcane Background +5 Power Points, once per rank only
Rapid Recharge Seasoned, Spirit d6, Arcane Background Regain 1 Power Point every 30 minutes
Improved Rapid Recharge Veteran, Spirit d8, Arcane Background Regain 1 Power Point every 15 minutes
Soul Drain Seasoned, Special Special
Professional Edges
Ace Novice +2 to Boating, Driving, Piloting; may make soak rolls for vehicle at -2
Acrobat Novice, Agi d8, Str d6 +2 to nimbleness-based Agility rolls; +1 Parry if unencumbered
Champion Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8, Faith d6, Fighting d8 +2 damage and Toughness vs. supernatural evil
Holy/Unholy Warrior Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Spirit d8, Faith d6 Spend 1 Power Point to make evil creatures within Sp range make Spirit checks or be Shaken; roll of 1 kills Extras, wounds Wild Cards
Investigator Novice, Smarts d8, Investigation d8, Streetwise d8 +2 Investigation and Streetwise
Jack Of All Trades Novice, Smarts d10+ Unskilled Smarts-based rolls are at d4 instead of d4-2
Scholar Novice, d8 in affected skills +2 to two different Knowledge skills
Thief Novice, Agility d8, Climb d6, Lockpick d6, Stealth d8 +2 Climb, Lockpick, Stealth, or to disarm traps
Wizard Novice, Arcane Background (Magic), Smarts d8, Knowledge (arcana) d8, Spellcasting d6 Each Spellcasting raise reduces cost of spell by 1 point
Woodsman Novice, Spirit d6, Survival d8, Tracking d8 +2 Tracking Survival, and Stealth (while in Wilderness)
Social Edges
Charismatic Novice, Spirit d8 Charisma +2
Common Bond Wild Card, Spirit d8 May give bennies to companions in communication
Connections Novice Call upon powerful friends with Persuasion roll
Strong Willed Novice, Intimidation d6, Taunt d6 +2 Intimidation and Taunt, +2 to resist
Weird Edges
Beast Bond Novice Character may spend bennies for his animals
Beast Master Novice, Spirit d8 You gain an animal companion
Danger Sense Novice Notice at -2 to detect surprise attacks/danger
Healer Novice, Spirit d8 +2 Healing
Wild Card Edges
Dead Shot Wild Card, Seasoned, Shoot/Throw d10 Double ranged damage when dealt Joker
Mighty Blow Wild Card, Seasoned, Fighting d10 Double melee damage when dealt Joker
Power Surge Wild Card, Seasoned, arcane skill d10 +2d6 Power Points when dealt a Joker
Legendary Edges
Followers Legendary, Wild Card Attract 5 henchmen
Professional Legendary, d12 in trait Trait becomes d12+1
Expert Legendary, Professional in trait Trait becomes d12+2
Master Legendary, Wild Card, Expert in Trait Wild Die is d10 for one trait
Sidekick Legendary, Wild Card Character gains a Novice Wild Card sidekick
Tough as Nails Legendary Toughness +1
Improved Tough as Nails Legendary, Tough as Nails Toughness +2
Weapon Master Legendary, Fighting d12 Parry +1
Master of Arms Legendary, Weapon Master Parry +2

1 Background Edges—-must be chosen during character creation

New Edges
Edge Requirements Effects
Professional Edges
Adept Novice, AB: Miracles, Faith d8+, Fighting d8+ Unarmed attacks do Str+d4 damage, always considered armed; can activate some Powers as a free action
Troubadour Novice, AB: Miracles, Perform d6+ Use powers with bardic trappings, entertain audiences
Racial Edges
Adaptable Seasoned, Human or Half-Elf with Edge Heritage Gain 1 non-Improved non-human Racial Edge; may be taken multiple times, once per Rank
Barbaric Blood Seasoned, Berserk, Half-Orc Spend a Benny to activate Berserk Edge
Improved Barbaric Blood Veteran, Barbaric Blood, Spirit d8 Ignore the -2 penalty to end rage, Fighting roll of 1 won’t hit an ally while Berserk
Double Shot Seasoned, Elf or Half-Elf with Agility Heritage, Shooting d8+ Fire two arrows at a single target within short range with one attack roll at a -2; bows only
Improved Double Shot Veteran, Double Shot As double shot, without the -2 penalty
Scamper Seasoned, Agility d8+, Halfling Man-size or larger foes get -1 to hit; only applies when the character is aware, free to move, & has 0 encumbrance penalty
Improved Scamper Veteran, Scamper Foes get no Gang Up bonus
Sunder Seasoned, Dwarf +1 AP/+2 on raise
Improved Sunder Veteran, Sunder +2 AP/+4 on raise

New Edges

The following new Edges should be added to most traditional fantasy settings.

Professional Edges


Requirements: Novice, AB: Miracles, Faith d8+, Fighting d8+

Adepts are holy warriors who have trained themselves as living weapons. Their unarmed attacks do Str+d4 damage, and they are always considered armed for purposes of the Unarmed Defender rule.

In addition, upon taking this Edge and at each new Rank, they may choose to change the trappings of one of the following powers to work only on themselves but be activated as a free action: boost/lower trait, deflection, healing, smite, or speed. The Adept must still have the power to begin with, and this does not allow him to activate more than one power in a round.


Requirements: Novice, AB: Miracles, Perform d6+

Troubadours are traveling entertainers who bring news and amusement to people across the land. Despite using the rules for Arcane Background: Miracles, Troubadours typically don’t worship a specific deity for their power. They believe in the power of the arts, so their Arcane Skill is Perform (Spirit) instead of Faith. Additionally, they don’t worry about sins, though they have to deal with occasional “strain.”

Strain: Troubadours who roll a 1 on their Perform die, regardless of the Wild Die, suffer the effects as for a minor sin (-2 to Perform for a week). Should they critically fail such a roll, they suffer the effect of a major sin (complete loss of powers for a week and -4 to “normal” uses of the Perform skill). This represents terrible strain on their voice, mind, or raw nerves for the given period.

The Perform skill may also be used simply to entertain instead of activating powers. In these cases, the Troubadour can earn money for his performance. A successful skill roll per “set” (usually a couple of hours) nets him $1d6 for every 10 members of the audience. Double this number with a raise. The performer may add his Charisma to the roll when using the skill in this way. This assumes the audience can tip instead of a set fee. The audience may also tip with libations, livestock, blind dates with their daughters, or local rumors that may lead to adventure, fortune, and glory.

Racial Edges


Requirements: Seasoned, Human or Half-Elf with Edge Heritage

Humans are capable of picking up new talents quite readily even if mastery sometimes eludes them. When a human takes this Edge he gains one non-Improved version of an Edge restricted to another race as long as he meets all other requirements. bq. This Edge may be taken multiple times, but only once per Rank. If a human learns Scamper, it applies to any creature one or more Sizes larger than him.

Barbaric Blood

Requirements: Seasoned, Berserk, Half-Orc

Some half-orcs have an animal rage inside them they can trigger consciously. A half-orc with Barbaric Blood may spend a Benny to activate his Berserk Edge.

Improved Barbaric Blood

Requirements: Veteran, Barbaric Blood, Spirit d8

With sufficient willpower, a half-orc who has learned to trigger his rage can restrain it as well. Improved Barbaric Blood allows the half-orc to ignore the -2 penalty to end his rage, and on a roll of 1 on his Fighting die, he will not hit an ally while Berserk (though he may still hit the wrong opponent or miss).

Double Shot

Requirements: Seasoned, Elf or Half-Elf with Agility Heritage, Shooting d8+

Elves are renowned not only for their accuracy with the bow but for incredible trick shots as well. Double Shot allows an elf to fire two arrows in his bow at once, firing two shots at a single target with one attack roll at a -2 modifier.

The target must be within short range. If the attack is successful, both arrows hit, each causing normal damage. Double shot does not work with crossbows or other ranged weapons—only with bows and arrows.

Improved Double Shot

Requirements: Veteran, Double Shot

The elf may attack as above, but ignores the -2 penalty.


Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+, Half-Folk

Half-folk are small and quick. Some make great use of this in combat too, scampering about to avoid the blows of larger foes. Opponents of man-size or larger subtract 1 from attack rolls against half-folk with this Edge. The benefit only applies when the character is aware the attack is coming, he is unbound and able to move freely, and has no encumbrance penalty.

Improved Scamper

Requirements: Veteran, Scamper

The half-folk can move so quickly as to cause multiple opponents to interfere with each other’s attacks. Opponents get no Gang Up bonus against the half-folk.


Requirements: Seasoned, Dwarf

Dwarves have an instinctual knowledge of materials. Those with this Edge know just where to strike objects or armored foes to cause the most damage. Any weapon in the hands of a dwarf with this Edge ignores 1 point of armor (in addition to any AP value the weapon may already have) on a successful hit. If the dwarf gets a raise on the attack roll, he ignores 2 points of armor. The Edge applies against all forms of armor, natural or magical.

Improved Sunder

Requirements: Veteran, Sunder

As above, but the dwarf ignores up to 2 points of armor on a success and 4 points of Armor on a raise.

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